How to pitch the [tech] press
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The goal is to distinguish your story from the floods of others and pique a journalists’ interest enough that they want to write the story. A simple, well-crafted pitch makes this so much easier. - How to pitch the [tech] press — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

If only all press releases were like this:
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Opera release a new browser, offering users to "Choose your level of corporateness... Use the slider to choose between super-geek and super-suit. If you really like buzzwords, go full corp..." Very clever. Not only do they cater to all tastes, they ensure wider coverage by helping the geeks to laugh at the suits and PR hacks, and making the lat…

Google Only Wants to Kill Bad PR Agencies
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Some good advice in reaction to Tom Forenski's "Did Google just kille PR" meme ... "Google did NOT kill PR. Maybe they are at war with SEO companies, they are perhaps at war with bad PR companies, too. Good agencies do not feel the need to keyword stuff press releases. Good “content” strategies do not need the filler content of keyword stuffed pr…

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