Everything you (almost) wanted to know about twitter, part 1

OK, so sue me - I haven't posted in months. But I will post again soon, because the twittering is driving me nuts. I've been on twitter for around 18 months (since 7:24 AM Oct 18th, 2007, to be precise), and hardly ever used it. Didn't get the badge, didn't buy the t-shirt. Hell, if I can't find the time to blog on the blo…

Losing our interiority in the blogosphere

I was reading Laurent's post What does it mean to become human?, but it was so long that I skipped to the end, illustrating exactly the point I wanted to make in this post. Laurent writes, amongst other things, about interiority:the capacity to reflect upon ourselves, others and the world, the whole of realityIt put a name to something I'…

Buzzword Watch: Trust 2.0 & the EU

Over on iBlog, Claus used a term that caught my attention:Networks such as ERRIN, which is funded by membership contributions and invests in what I would call “TRUST 2.0.”, help to establish that collective understanding and culture of cooperation and facilitate successful involvement in EU projects.While he freely admitted that "Trust 2.0 do…

Happy Birthday, Blogactiv!

By my reckoning, Blogactiv had its first birthday today... what really sticks in my memory was the eurosceptics. It led to an interesting experiment in handling certain types of online debate... The Pyjama People's immediate assumption was that Blogactiv was an EU-funded front company... CIA-style

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