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Wisdom, Truth and Falsehoods: are we in Plato’s Cave? - EU vs DISINFORMATION

Wisdom, Truth and Falsehoods: are we in Plato’s Cave? - EU vs DISINFORMATION

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Looking at disinformation "from a technological angle ignores that disinformation is an idea", so "we asked what the greatest thinkers in the history of philosophy would make of disinformation".

Starting with Plato, writing when Athens was socially and politically turbulent, caused by a new invention: writing and reading. Plato was not a fan, fearing "that people would follow texts blindly [so]... he came up with something radical: the pure ideas. Behind the scenes, behind the phenomena we perceive, these ideas – metaphysical, semi-religious entities – structure the material world. These absolute truths are somewhere “out there”...

Many conspiracies draw from Platonic anti-materialism", like shadowy conspiracies behind the scenes, and the way believers deem find facts irrelevant in the face of their abstract thinking.

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