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Wiki Inventor Sticks a Fork in His Baby | WIRED

Wiki Inventor Sticks a Fork in His Baby | WIRED

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Basic intro to #fedwiki. Makes me realise it's a valid tool for federating myhub.

"anyone can add or edit a [wiki] page, but those pages all live on servers that someone else owns and controls... no one should have that sort of central control... [hence] the federated wiki... [where] the wiki put an edit button on every page... the federated wiki has a "fork" button on every page."

Fork a page from someone else's wiki to your own, then the "owner of the original wiki can then decide whether to merge your changes into the original page... [if not] readers can still find your version" via a list of forks.

Own your own data - you wont lose it if the centralised wiki goes down.

Dissent enabled: "everyone can have their own version of controversial pages... all linked together"

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