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Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge

Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge

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Awesome hot take open letter to Elon Musk: "You fucked up real good, kiddo... no possible way to grow ... without ... compromises that will ultimately destroy your reputation and possibly cause grievous damage to your other companies... the problems with Twitter are not engineering problems. They are political problems... absolute monarchs usually get murdered when shit goes sideways."

After setting out the issues any "benevolent dictator" (or a malignant one) would face, he makes a key point about the specific problem Musk faces, everywhere from India and Germany to China: "Are you excited for the Chinese government to find ways to threaten Tesla’s huge business in that country over content that appears on Twitter?... the product is content moderation, and everyone hates the people who decide how content moderation works."

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