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We can't cure COVID-19 by giving up our right to privacy - Protocol

We can't cure COVID-19 by giving up our right to privacy - Protocol

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we sped from the mere suggestion of "sentinel surveillance" to ... a Patriot Act for health care... Having served as lead White House technology adviser on Sept. 11, 2001, I've been down this path...

"A Roadmap to Reopening" ... "new national surveillance infrastructure"... widespread ... individual contact tracing... would accelerate the removal of physical distancing...

How do we serve the critical need while preserving the inalienable right?... In my time at the White House... the benefits in the fight against terrorism were marginal, while the privacy and data security consequences were large and lasting... little transparency... people lost trust ...

Data privacy must be a foundational and transparent component of our response... an open, secure data-sharing and surveillance framework ... verifiably demonstrate that data is used only for its intended purpose ... give individuals the power to approve or revoke access ...

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