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Flancian of course used his Agora to scribe the Betaworx Render ToolsforThought conference (context). Like most Agora nodes it's very long - here are some highlights that stood out for me at the time of writing (his notes, like mine, are unfinished):

  • On the risk of being a productivity geek: "
    • "The pattern we see is people optimizing the tool and optimizing the process rather than writing"...
    • ^^this seems apparent given how many novel notetaking apps I'm learning about right now. I've spent 15 minutes trying to figure out where to put my thoughts instead of actually putting them somewhere."
  • On blocks (or knowledge blobs) versus docs: "Readwise looked at turning everything into blocks and do a block-based architecture ... developed a phase change metaphor ... to turn knowledge blobs into coherent texts for sharing... solids (documents) and ... fluid blocks (blobs of knowledge)." This is absolutely what MyHub's pipeline metaphor + writing modes is for.

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