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The Scientists Who Make Apps Addictive

The Scientists Who Make Apps Addictive

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The most important nine words in behaviour design...“Put hot triggers in the path of motivated people.”... upfront deliveries of dopamine bond users to products...Instagram lets you try 12 different filters... transaction is emotional... you get to feel like an artist... “Make people feel successful... Give them superpowers!”...
the triggers are internal.” An app succeeds... when it meets the user’s most basic emotional needs even before she has become consciously aware of them... Before you know you’re bored, you’re on YouTube... users trigger themselves...
“Whoever controls the menu controls the choices.” The news we see, the friends we hear from, the jobs we hear about... our potential romantic partners ... are, increasingly filtered through... a menu of options... The world is turning into this giant Skinner box for the self...The experience that is being designed for... looping people into these flows of incentive and reward... Every consumer interface is becoming like a slot machine...

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