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The Myth of Mindfulness

The Myth of Mindfulness

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Fascism’s rising while the global economy’s stagnating... And we’re…meditating?
All the great spiritual masters say: everything is meditation. ... When we separate it as an activity we perform now and then, we’re not really meditating at all....
We are using the techniques of meditation ... To escape, run away, dull the pain. Like taking spiritual heroin.....
you don’t need spiritual heroin if you’re not broken. So what’s breaking us?... The passivity of meditation is the perfect antidote... to aggressively cruel capitalism.... You are hurt profoundly by broken institutions and failed leaders. What should you do? Challenge them? Rebel? No, go meditate. It’s your responsibility to not feel any pain.
mindfulness is capitalism’s latest greatest product... a drug to pacify the broken soldiers on its front lines... Mindfulness ... doesn’t prevent cruelty. It excuses it, justifies it, sanctions it... in learning to detach from your moral failings you numb the pain.
The goal of true meditation is to make contact with the true self. The me in you and the you in me.

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