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The EU Copyright Directive: Winners, Losers, and What Happens Next…

The EU Copyright Directive: Winners, Losers, and What Happens Next…

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copyright organisations ... succeeded in their lobbying ... establish a narrative that those who criticised the Directive were reeled in by hysterical propaganda or puppets of Google... or against cultural creators... intensity of the lobbying stepped up ... Half of Strasbourg was wearing yellow #yes2copyright sashes ...
two years of implementation time has now started... Commission’s proposal to use the filter concept in other areas... terrorist propaganda... How is terrorist propaganda defined? Where’s the limit? Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist in South Africa... to curb the power of online giants by ... we also crowned them as online society’s police, prosecutor and judge...
force online giants to the negotiating table where copyright holders...: “if you don’t negotiate, you’ll have to keep EVERYTHING offline... pay up, we can ... look the other way...This piece is funded by a Kickstarter campaign to monitor the European Parliament’s Copyright Directive proposal

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