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Stop saying that 2016 was the ‘worst year'

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Americans almost always think that the year coming to a close is the worst... Many misunderstand how the world is changing or ignore positive change... Surveys from long before 2016 — the era before the world turned “post-factual” — show the same levels of ignorance. .. There are several reasons for this...
structure of the media means negative subjects are almost always being highlighted.. focus on single events and neglect of slow developments selects negative news instead of often positive developments...if newspapers come out ... once every half-century. They likely wouldn’t report on half a century of gossip about celebrities and politicians...
lookout for ... danger is hard-wired in our human psychology ... left us with a negativity bias because it is much more important for our survival to pay attention to threats... a mind that can lapse into a constant state of panic when exposed to the stream of 24-hours news... the media echoes what our human mind pays attention to...
we do not learn... about the poverty, poor health and the often high levels of violence that characterized our past...

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