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Six Disinformation Threats in the Post-Election Period

Six Disinformation Threats in the Post-Election Period

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"perhaps it’s not the runup to the election we should be chiefly concerned about"

Someone trying to mess with America probably realises they can't get Trump re-elected, so they are better off focusing on the post-election period, which offers a "better chance to push more Americans to extremes than ever before".

Identifies six disinformation threats for the post-election period:

  • media fails to handle Trump's delegitimisation lies: "political journalists seem to have trouble realizing how bad things are"
  • social platforms fail to tackle post-election disinfo: they've prepared rules, but will they be able to enforce them?
  • "An army of Trump “election observers” produces a trove of false voter fraud “evidence” that obsesses the right for years": volunteer observers, being recruited to suppress voting through intimidation at the polling booth since March, are being trained to "collect viral submissions of “evidence” in short video clips, photographs, tweets and posts"
  • Militias run amok
  • Foreign players get involved post-election - the most profitable moment for chaos; if they have material on Biden, better to damage him in office if he's going to win anyway. GRUprepared a 2016 campaign to call an expected Hillary Clinton victory into question.
  • Qanon rebuilds after the Facebook ban

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