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Roam — If You Want To. My time with Roam Research

Roam — If You Want To. My time with Roam Research

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Captures my ambivalence about Roam: it's a great tool to create a complete personal knowledge graph, but is the result really that useful? And if it's only for taking notes that are unlikely to be useful in the future, isn't it expensive?

"Roam is an amazing tool for a certain type of person ... If you like to wander off down intellectual rabbit holes with the hope that you will find breadcrumbs to pull you out and if you have time enough to document these explorations, then Roam is for you. I love the idea of having a personal Wikipedia of everything I have ever thought or read. But I have a strong aversion to being the one who has to put it all together... Taking notes on everything ... and hope that it will one day be relevant is a colossal waste of time... your Roam will not be built in a day."

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