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RENDER: Tools For Thinking conference

RENDER: Tools For Thinking conference

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"we'll be exploring new advancements in the space ... taking tours of new projects, learning about knowledge graphs as public resources, discussing recent advancements in AI and ML in understanding semantic meaning of ideas... how we use these tools ourselves."

I joined a small posse of people organised by

Jerry Michalski to scribe the event, as it looked super-relevant to my #PKGbook chapter. As it was held in New York I watched the single, 6h livestream after the event, and decided to experiment with a range of different TfTs to take notes on the different sessions. The results of that will hopefully feed into my Thinking Tools overview.

This post therefore doesn't include all my notes, but it should one day provide access to them as one of the goals of the Fellowship of the Link (FotL), of which Jerry is a major driver and I a fledgling with imposter syndrome, is to find a way of connecting together notes taken by people using different tools on the same topic. For now, all my notes - and those of the other scribes which I curate - will appear here ([[conference report]] and #betaworx).

The programme with timecodes from a recording of the livestream follows. When I created this note it was all that was available, but since then they replaced that 6 hour video with a playlist of separate videos on the conference site.

How Do We Define Tools for Thinking and Why Do They Matter?:Jerry Michalski, John Borthwick): 10:35-25:10

Inflection Points for Tools for ThinkingJohn Borthwick with Readwise' founders: 0:27:10-1:07:00

Demo: Protocol Design for Tools for Thinking: Gordon Brander demos Subconscious: 1:08:10 - 1:23:30. My Hedgedoc notes via An Agora, created by fellow scribe Flancian

The History and Future of Software as Tools for Thinking: Jerry Michalski & Howard Rheingold: 2:06:06 - 3:04:25

Tools for Thinking Product Demos: Plexus, Re:Collect, Jerry’s Brain, Subconscious: 3:05:24-4:02:51

Leveraging AI and ML in Building New Tools for Thinking: Alice Albrecht, Linus Lee, Chris Pedregal: 4:21:05 - 5:06:51

Idea Dimensionality and Representing Semantic Meaning: Esther Dyson, Jerry Michalski: 5:08:45 - 5:53:06

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