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Opinion | The Media Is Broken - The New York Times

Opinion | The Media Is Broken - The New York Times

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journalism primarily do one thing: cover events... The internet has sped up the news cycle. Now we put more emphasis on covering the last event... But ... events in this era have ceased to drive politics...impeachment... Mueller investigation ... “Access Hollywood” tapes... barely leave a trace on the polls...

Events don’t seem to be driving politics. Increasingly, sociology is.... to predict how a certain region is going to vote ... Discover who settled the region in the 17th and 18th predict how an individual is going to vote? Ask a simple question: Is she urban or rural?... Demography is destiny...

An event is... the event itself and ... the process by which we make meaning of it...when people... have nonoverlapping lenses, the process by which people make sense of events is more important than the event itself... They make meaning in radically different ways. Psycho-social categories have hardened... emotional polarization is on the rise. We don’t necessarily disagree more. We perceive our opponents to be more menacing. We see more fearfully...

in a hyper-pluralistic society you can’t know people in other groups until you know how they know you.

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