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Obsidian vs. Roam: Which PKM App is Right For You? – The Sweet Setup

Obsidian vs. Roam: Which PKM App is Right For You? – The Sweet Setup

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Deep dive comparison between Roam Research (valuation: $200m) & Obsidian (Product Hunt Golden Kitty award, Productivity category). Criteria used & results:

  • User Interface (Roam Research, only because Obsidian's learning curve is steeper)
  • Graph View (Obsidian by far)
  • Backlinks (Roam Research: better placement of mentions, better block mgt)
  • Sidebar (Obsidian's provides more power & flexibility)
  • Block Embeds/References (Roam Research by far)
  • Markdown Support (Obsidian by far - Roam doesn't respect Markdown standards, inexplicably)
  • Search/Query (Roam Research by far)
  • Daily Notes (Roam Research - it's central, and supports task mgt better)
  • Tasks (Roam: "not as nice as a dedicated task management app ... but if you have only basic task management needs or want to link your tasks to the documents you’re working on, Roam is a decent option")
  • Expandability (Obsidian)
  • Theming (Obsidian)
  • Data Portability (Obsidian, although "There’s no reason to think you won’t be able to get your notes out of Roam if you decide to switch")
  • Publishing (Obsidian: possible to share specific notes via a dedicated site for $96/y)
  • Data Security (Obsidian, although note synching to access notes from multiple devices costs $48/y)
  • Mobile Experience (Obsidian, although Sync may be needed)
  • Pricing (Obsidian: free for personal use)

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