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Let’s disrupt the logic that’s driving Americans apart

Let’s disrupt the logic that’s driving Americans apart

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our racial, cultural, and religious identities ... overlap with our political identities ... polarization operates on a social — and even primal — level... media executives can now create programming and content that really efficiently checks all the boxes...: political, psychological, racial, cultural, and even aesthetic...

Path No. 1: We stay in our silos, passively allowing media moguls and tech platforms to drag us deeper into our corners... algorithms and micro-targeting mechanisms deliver us belief-confirming disinformation and culturally-divisive tropes... language and packaging that we like best... as our political party preferences increasingly overlap... we find ourselves rage-fueled... a war between a socially constructed us that hates the also-socially constructed them... we will be…ungovernable.

Path No. 2: We actively work to disrupt the infrastructure, logic, and economic model ... deliberately confuse the algorithms and complicate the predictability of our appetites... recognize that these platforms rely on our quick, emotional, heuristic responses... asking ourselves challenging questions as we engage with content..

although people today hate “the other side,” I remain convinced that once they catch on to the game, they’ll hate being pawns even more

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