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Kevin Marks used his personal site to scribe the Betaworx Render ToolsforThought conference (context), and I'm intrigued. Like a lot of scribed notes, it's difficult to follow, although there are plenty of good quotes. But every quote seems linked to a URL for the speaker (Twitter account, website), and given the speed of writing there's probably a really interesting tool in the background here.

Also, liking the nice lateral flow to the page layout: to the left are incoming links, in the middle is the meat of the sandwich, and to the right are the outbound links.

Anyway, some quotables:

On writing, the dangers of overgeeking productivity tools, and AI: "Starting with a blank page is broken - you come to the page with all the ideas but they are in different silos - Machine learning tends to overpromt, and you get fascinated by the machine instead of thinking".

"We now have lots of people on YouTube who explain their methods, but it is all "do exactly what I do" ". Amen. And those methods have been exhaustively fine-tuned to the author's specific needs: they're presenting their version of the 100/100 system. But someone entering this space needs a few 80/20 systems to explore before choosing one and developing it further if they need more than the first 80% of the benefits.

"We need a combination of social and algorithmic filtering - I would curate my own list of trusted experts to filter materials for me" - so it's not just me, then ;)

Alice Albrecht's demo of seems to be describing one of the writing modes from my PKG chapter on "we bring in articles and tweets that you are reading, and let you write things in the tool - on the right hand page you get ideas that are related by the machine learning models. I can highlight any sentence in a document or on the web and we will show you related ideas from your store ".

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