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Improving Constituent Engagement – POPVOX

Improving Constituent Engagement – POPVOX

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a system that could bring some structure to the legislative advocacy ecosystem — listing all bills online; organizations and constituents would create accounts and post input in a structured, transparent way with outward anonymity but real names and addresses sent with messages to lawmakers in a way that could be easily processed by offices...
the rise of partisan news coupled with a decline of local news outlets has effectively nationalized our civic dialogue... the vast pipeline of information flowing between constituents and Congress is undervalued by participants on both sides... adversely impact ... the sense that “people like me” can influence government... Correspondence volume is not the problem; technology is...
ask how communications between constituents and lawmakers should work in the 21st Century. Imagine a 21st Century Congress... in which constituents are notified in a way that fits their lives and routines with regular opportunities to weigh in on topics under consideration... including ... those in the middle. No one ever writes to Congress to say: “I feel very moderate about this issue and encourage you to strike a balance...

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