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Chris Aldrich asks: "is anyone actively using as an off-label zettelkasten just by itself?... [it has] most of the basic functionalities:

  1. imple note taking,
  2. Notes are editable and update-able,
  3. There’s a tag functionality for indexing notes,
  4. One can add links to other notes to cross link them if they liked,
  5. There’s a reasonably good search functionality,
  6. Data export is available if you want to move"

Moreover, there's also "public and private notes, as well as groups for collaboration," - needed for a multiplayer shared second brain, so "Who’s up for a public, social zettelkasten practice?... example: try my “digital ZK”: or their public timeline:"

Many apparently use hypothesis as one of the curation tools for their Obsidian, two processes I've wanted to integrate since using IFTTT to get Diigo notes into my first Hub on Tumblr.

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