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How the blockchain will give the media back to the people, to save the planet

How the blockchain will give the media back to the people, to save the planet

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new crypto-economy for fearless, independent journalism that will empower action for change... the absolute dysfunction of the global information architecture — represented in the intersection of mainstream media outlets, social technology platforms and giant digital aggregators — that is sowing confusion, and paralyzing us...
the global media industrial complex is literally incapable of meaningfully processing information in such a way that it produces, for a significant percentage of the human population, real actionable knowledge ... The prevailing model of media is to monopolise and manpulate information flows to produce beliefs and emotions that will allow giant aggregators to maximize ‘clicks’...rather than creating knowledge, the global media industrial complex tends to generate competing, polarized a structural extension of an extreme form of predatory capitalism... In the US, six huge transnational conglomerates own and control the entirety of the mass media... 71% of UK national newspapers are owned by just three giant corporations... Google and Facebook monopolize one-fifth of global ad revenue.... 43,000 transnational corporations... are dominated by a core of 1,318 companies... the web of ownership ... track back to ... a “super-entity” of 147 firms...
INSURGE’s new journalism format — Open Inquiry — which draws on complex systems sciences ... to expose what’s really driving the big issues of the day... contextualizes scenarios by surfacing assumptions, highlighting verifiable facts and data-points, and flagging up the core insights ... aggregates ‘axioms’, ‘insights’ and ‘actions’ ... into a growing body of public intelligence that helps our users join the dots ... facilitates generative conversations that reward our readers and viewers for the insights they contribute... a public intelligence platform and action network....
Our blockchain platform... track and measure participation across all our readers, users and contributors: and to redistribute revenue shares back to them on the basis of their participation... a subscription give you PressCoins which you can use on the platform, you can also earn PressCoins by contributing... Special interests can never pull our strings... because INSURGE doesn’t do advertising...
to write, create, and produce stories of the highest quality... joining the dots across multiple issues and stories, within and across all our stories, by embedding the connections between them within the text, audio and video... our stories won’t just be static, isolated fixed items...
using a journalism format explicitly designed to train the mind in critical thinking skills that can cope with polarity and contradiction, navigate complexity, and move into generative conversations

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