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Hiring a Management Consultancy for Digital Is a Mistake

Hiring a Management Consultancy for Digital Is a Mistake

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Whether it is redesigning a website or helping an organisation undertake digital transformation, a management consultancy firm is rarely the right choice... products of the pre-digital era and as much in need of digital transformation as their clients...The legacy culture ... stifles new and leaner working practices... built on delivering large, waterfall driven change programs, rather than embrace the rapid iteration and evolution of digital best practice....
hiring a management consultancy feels like the safe thing to do ... You don’t get fired for hiring a large management consultancy... they speak the language of management... It all feels so predictable and comfortable....
In most cases, the client needs to change its working practices to provide and support digital services... digital agencies are good at building digital services they are not ... at change management, service design or digital transformation... the UK Government, are building their own in-house teams ... easy to be subsumed by the existing culture ... If senior leadership wants to be a digital-first company, it cannot just launch another initiative or hire in a management consultancy.

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