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FingerprintsDAO Collection

FingerprintsDAO Collection

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"The Fingerprints DAO collection is composed of NFTs that revolutionized the use of smart contracts as art.".


  • "26 Autoglyphs, the first ... “on-chain” generative art pieces on the Ethereum blockchain... the event data contains the full output of the generator - codified instructions, in a character art pattern, to the artwork itself"
  • "Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility... reproduces Klein's “Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility” in a digital medium" Whereas Klein sold fresh air, giving buyers "a receipt for a “Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility” ", here it's "ERC-20 tokens... tied to a unique edition number"
  • "generative audiovisual art can be reconstructed from on-chain instructions with nothing but a C compiler... generated at the time of minting from a random hash value, that influences tempo, timbre, pitch and other musical elements... DEAFBEEF ... experiments with generative music, programmability, tokens that degrade when transferred to another owner ..."
  • Bitchcoin predated Ethereum. The artist "migrated Bitchcoin to Ethereum, releasing reserved Bitchcoins backed by unique pressed rose petals from her Cloud of Petals exhibition"
  • Mutant Garden Seeder: "513 time-based “responsive paintings”... When a mutant was minted, the transaction hash of the current Ethereum block was taken as a seed [which] ... deterministically sets the initial form & ... the frequency with which it will morph... The life of the creature depicted by an ever growing sequence of SVG files..."
  • Avid Lines were generated upon instructions drawn from Autoglyphs “whitelisted” by their owners ... owners of “generators” ... receive a portion of mint costs - an innovative incentive design for remixing generative art"
  • "Certificates of Inauthenticity ... question the capture of commonplace objects as signature works. Tokens Equal Text are 32 Ethereum ERC-998 tokens that own "child” ERC-721 tokens and serve as an early example of composibility in text-based NFTs."
  • "SALT ... combines photography and smart contracts to create a series of time-based artworks. Starting from a base of 180 photographs, each NFT in SALT first displays a different image in this set, cycling to the next on a daily basis. The underlying smart contract sets all NFTs into an asynchronous loop - owning one of them equals owning one of the moving frames in the never-ending sequence"

It's all in a cirtual gallery, of course:,165S,11.5F

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