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Thoughts on adding activitypub to ghose ' relevant also to myhub.

"There is rss-to-activitypub 11 i... the only thing Ghost would be federating is the posts themselves ... if you want to federate comments too, then this only address half the issue... I would propose is something in the middle that:

  • pulls in content from Ghost and pushes it as ActivityPub posts
  • displays comments back on the blog (something like Commento 2 or Disqus
  • provide a link or login mechanism for people to comment with their Fediverse accounts
  • allows users to comment anonymously/with email if they’re not on the Fediverse (either by making dummy ActivityPub accounts, or having them as blog-only comments which don’t federate)

Additionally, the system could allow blog authors to link their Fediverse accounts, so post appear to be coming from that account rather than from a separate blog-specific account

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