FAQ: What will the Beta version feature? And beyond that?

FAQ: What will the Beta version feature? And beyond that?

Those who sign up for a Hub during the Alpha phase will help shape how MyHub.ai evolves.

1/6/2020 Update: I explore some of the ideas set out below in more detail in a blog post ("Imagining new MyHub.ai features as the pilot Hubs launch").

AI integration

Alpha users will - like me - tag stuff manually, without AI support. Luckily, it’s very easy.

They won't be tagging manually for long, however. The integration of the AI engine, including the training module which translates Hub usage into improved auto-tagging accuracy, will probably be the first major development post-Alpha, as it's central to making MyHub.ai financially self-sustaining without advertising (see Business model).

Other ideas

Apart from that, we will also look closely at:

  • integrating fact-checking algorithms to help Hubbers spot fake news and disinformation
  • adding tools to help Hubbers avoid and/or puncture their filter bubbles
  • social features, allowing Hubbers to Follow each other; like, repost and comment on each others’ content, etc.
  • integrating personal productivity tools like Private Reading Queues and Priority Sources (see Personal Productivity Tools)
  • giving Editors a semi-automated enewsletter for their Hub and/or a Hub-driven chatbot, allowing your audience to explore what they Like, Think & Do via chat platforms such as Messenger or Slack.


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