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Shitposters, who are bound by nothing, set a rhetorical trap for their enemies, who tend to be bound by having an actual point. Attempts to analyze what shitposters are doing... reinforces their project by amplifying their signal... hitposters resemble the disengaged ironists ... Søren Kierkegaard discussed ... Stories ... are not descriptive of “true” facts ... rather ways in which the ironist can prove his power, his philosophical strength, his verbal dexterity. He says things just to be the sort of person who says them...
the ironist is the proto-troll...To fill the void... create a self-image characterized by the freedom to say and do anything... expression through transgression, saying things ... “nobody else” will say ...
the stories the “alt-right” tells about itself take on a religious quality... ... that dictionary of symbols — and thus a shared discourse... He’s not a Lone Ranger but rather part of a group whose stated fascination with cowboy individualism is at odds with the intense collectivism of internet culture ... No one shitposts alone...
gods are made of memes. Doing things for the lulz is... a supremely religious act... The alt-righter’s “nation” is a hero-narrative about how the freedom of the individual (masculine) self can be secured, in part by adopting the toxic rhetoric of overt white supremacy... to see themselves as exercising an intoxicatingly masculine vision of ironic freedom while doing ... little in the way of courage, physical strength, or personal sacrifice.

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