Petit guide de lobbying dans les arènes de l’Union européenne
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Quite a balanced piece on Brussels lobbying from Le Monde.

Why lobbying in Brussels is not always an obscure activity
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"a lobby group’s resources and the types of constituencies it represents are not consequential for success. What matters are the strategies lobbyists develop and how these fit in the overall public affairs context."

What Brussels influencers do wrong and how to fix it
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Seven mistakes often made in lobbying!

The Evolution of Transparent Corruption (PDF)

Interesting though not completely convincing.

Off-radar lobbying damages us all

Lobbyists are in favour of transparency.

All you need to know how to influence the EU in one easy chart
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Plus a few extra points.

The great migration of Brussels lobbyists
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I too have migrated!

America's lobbying addiction
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An appalling vista.

Silence of the lobbyists
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An irritated journalist writes.

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