Native ads are still very confusing to many readers, a new survey suggests

Forty-four percent of people shown a native ad couldn’t correctly identify the company that had paid for it... 54% ... indicated that they had felt deceived by native advertising before. And 77% ... didn’t even identify native ads as “advertising... I guess they co-created it, so I guess maybe that’s not an ad.”

Towards a 21st century EU Communications Strategy
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“Europe’s leaders... working within a EUropean context, but answering to voters who see issues from national perspectives… With independent journalism looking like an endangered species, a EU communication strategy that helped European media build the European Public Sphere would be a smarter longterm move...

Consumers Can't Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content
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Consumers have difficulty distinguishing between native advertising and editorial content, according to a new study by researchers at Grady College ... only 17 out of 242 subjects -- under 8% -- were able to identify native advertising as a paid marketing message in this experiment... Just 18.3% identified native ads as paid messages in the secon…

Venture-backed US media: over-funded & over here?

If you care about EU democracy you need to care about European media... as the upcoming US media invasion gets underway... VC-fuelled trends in US news - clickbait, corporate journalism, native advertising - and what this new generation of media will find when they expand into Brussels.

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