BBC Hits Back at 'Right to Be Forgotten'

"BBC will begin maintaining a list of its articles that have disappeared from Google under a controversial law granting European citizens the “right to be forgotten” by search engines." - BBC Hits Back at 'Right to Be Forgotten' Requests | TheBlot

What Google tells people who want to be forgotten
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" has so far requested the removal of 15,000 links from people in 30 countries ... a respectable sample size. Here are trends that have emerged from’s requests" - What Google is telling people who want to be forgotten – Quartz

"Google is doing what it can to fight a bad law"
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"How do we know that a court will see the public’s right to know about a football referee’s misdemeanors, or even the chairman of Merrill Lynch’s transgressions, as being stronger than the right to be forgotten? We don’t... the right to be forgotten could allow powerful individuals to effectively censor search results even when the facts containe…

"Right to be forgotten": making remembering it easier
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"as these notices continue to flow out, it’s likely to become easier to know if someone did ask for a removal ... For anyone especially noteworthy, making a removal request from a major publication probably will get that publication to write an article about your request, which you’ll only get removed by filing a new request, which probably will …

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