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Didalus - Starting The Fly Wheel The Vision Logos The RoadMap 2021 Phase 1 - Bootstrapping, Initial Shaping, Stable Foundations Embrace AwakeOS Didalus.com Didalus.network Didalus.social Didalus.market Didalus.academy Didalus.io On Boarding Distribution Channels The Change Log The Equity/Inv...

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The internet as a unified platform.

Wealth: A New Era of Economics — Freeism | by Mark Nadal | HackerNoon.com | Medium
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Capitalism and Socialism are in a climatic feud. Why? Because they are dying...False NarrativeCapitalism creates competitors owned by the same parent company to capture brand and product aversion.Socialism hates this and just wants the goods.We call this a false narrative, it is meant to distract you from the actual story.SynthesisThe evolution of…

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