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Why You Need To Know About AutoGPTs

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"autonomous AI agents, currently referred to as AutoGPTs... automate multi-step projects that would otherwise require back-and-forth interactions with GPT-4... enable the chaining of thoughts to accomplish a specified objective and do so autonomously ... have internet access ... [can] read/write files... possess short-term and long-term memory".

Three most popular are (currently) BabyAGI, Auti-GPT and Microsoft's Jarvis, while those running on the browser include AgentGPT (which I've played with) "and Cognosys. BabyAGI can also run on a browser via this Hugging Face space."

This movement "toward action-based AI agents ... is also being sparked by OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT plugins which transforms chat from a basic communication tool into ... AI into assistants working for you " - eg Expedia's travel advisor plugin "will also book directly from the recommendations".

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