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Using ChatGPT to extract intelligent insights from multiple documents

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"“Document Search Chatbot” ... field common questions (FAQ’s) based on the content of several documents.... Azure Search to extract and rank key highlights from a set of text documents based on a user query. This user query and Azure Search results are then passed to OpenAI to be interpreted and formatted into a chat based response..."

While this applies ChatGPT to "a large bespoke set of text documents without being constrained by token limits", there is no accuracy guarantee and " won’t replace human comprehension for more complicated or critical questions"

Plenty of suggestions for improving it:

  • integrating "open source Chain of Thought (COT) tools such as LangChain to allow for further prompting from the user when the user query provided isn’t sufficient...
  • Pre-processing user queries before they are sent to Azure Search, i.e using Chat GPT to reword ... with embedded background context...
  • Document Chunking ... to improve relevance of fragments returned by Azure Search...
  • ChatGPT summarising Azure Search response fragments prior to answering the user query may allow more extracts of the source documents to be considered."

Loads of links provided.

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