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To End Hate, We Gotta Walk the Talk – Jack Preston King – Medium

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Mom did a very brave thing, considering where and when she lived... She watched a TV documentary about transgender identity... She let it change her thinking. .. turned to me during a commercial break and said, “I think maybe sometimes God makes mistakes.”... never spoke an unkind word about gay, lesbian, or transgender people after that day. For the rest of her life...
Aristotle argues that virtue is something we acquire by habit.... To be virtuous... We have to live them... take concrete, real world actions ... repeatedly, until the practice of virtue becomes a habit (our ethic).... According to Aristotle, one possesses the virtue of fortitude if he/she “faces and … fears the right things … from the right motive... " decides in certain situations that it is right to endure suffering for the sake of a good, even though he is afraid. .. we must develop the habit of practicing Liberal virtues (not just talking about them).... crash the barricades of our white small towns, our middle class neighborhoods, our self-segregated workplaces... cultivate friendships that defy social barriers.

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