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The Rise of the Full-Stack Freelancer | Praxis

The Rise of the Full-Stack Freelancer | Praxis

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being a freelancer meant being a specialist... to focus on a single, highly monetizable isolation, because collaborating closely with others involved too much friction... Full-Stack Freelancers ... leverage software-as-a-service and online platforms to vertically integrate a “full stack” of capabilities... manage a portfolio of income streams, not a job based on one set of skills...

Portfolio thinking ... multiple parallel projects provides many opportunities for synergy... Each one can make the others easier, more fun, and more profitable... corporate trainings and online courses... make up 81% of my income take up only 34% of my time... pure consulting is extremely difficult for me to do incredible source of exploration and learning...

Social media shares and free blog posts are your lead capture... Your introductory offerings are your qualification and filtering system... Premium offerings are the cash cows... not just a one-way funnel — it is a network. A given customer can follow multiple possible paths through my network of portfolio is a network, it exhibits network effects: each offering added increases the value of all the others....

a portfolio approach to work ... unbounded ... personal growth, creativity, and learning. Changing direction is just a matter of adding or removing an item from your portfolio, not making a dramatic, wrenching career change.

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