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Simplifying Zettelkasten by working out loud | by Mathew Lowry | Nov, 2020 | Medium

Simplifying Zettelkasten by working out loud | by Mathew Lowry | Nov, 2020 | Medium

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It’s (now) a commonplace that you have to write in your own words to extract maximum value from content, even if you’re only writing notes to yourself. ...

I now write my own notes as I curate content. While this takes longer, writing the actual enewsletter editions then becomes both quicker and more productive: I can focus more on the connections between resources in each edition, rather on simply summarising them.

I’ve made my life much simpler by just making everything public and ‘Working Out Loud’

My newsletter remains a simple item classified “Think” and tagged #newsletter.

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Working Out Loud

So this is essentially digesting the material and turning it into fodder for your own news feed.

Simple pipeline:

  1. Interact with the source material. (Summarize/Highlight)
  2. Document your emergent thoughts in raw form.
  3. Distill your own thoughts to essential content
  4. Groom flow of thought into something that feels whole.
  5. Publish

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