Scribbling in the wind


Yesterday, someone told me I was annoying. I thought it was hilarious because I am annoying, just for the right reasons. If you meet me and tell me what you are - not who you are, but what you want to be - I will force you to reconcile that with your present reality. Too many people live in fear of their own process to succeed. It's not easy to fail, but without failure you lose out on the valuable lessons that come from self correction. In this random paragraph there will be a few mistakes that I'll correct later, but not right now - because I may not see them until it's too late. However, during the process of missing my own shortcomings I'll have succeeded in doing what I came here to do >> Just to write something.<<

It feels good. I like it. I missed it.

Back to the random story about a random person, randomly calling me annoying...

So, when I find myself in these scenarios, I take it upon myself to reach into the depths of said conversation and tell you what you already know to be true. I can't force you to do anything. Only you can do that. Though, I can help you along the way. The only way to become who you want to be is to start.

Bird by Bird


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