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Quantum Computing Is a Bigger Deal Than the Internet

Quantum Computing Is a Bigger Deal Than the Internet

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Google’s quantum computer “Sycamore” ... solve a problem in just 200 seconds... one so difficult it would have taken the world’s most powerful traditional supercomputer over 10,000 years ...Moore’s Law is reaching its limit... a transistor can be about 40 nanometers... nearly an atom’s scale... electrons ... move using “quantum tunneling.”...

qubits also only represent two states... set using any physical property of an atom... also take advantage of “superposition,’’ ... when you’re not observing it, the particle can be both partially vertically and horizontally polarized. But when you check on it, the particle will only show you one of those states... In regular computing, 4 bits yields 16 total possible combinations, but you can only use one ... 4 qubits can actually store all 16 of those values at once...

quantum entanglement... we can measure one qubit ... know the properties of its entangled qubit ... also enabled research into quantum teleportation...

qubit manipulation... regular computing logic gates ... give a single output. A “quantum gate” takes an input of superpositioned qubits, rotates probabilities, and outputs a new superposition... all possible answers are generated at the same time...

We can now store massive amount of data and search through it far faster...generate massive numbers of calculations and probabilities at amazing rates... benefits simulations... research on... anything that requires massive amounts of number crunching...

vastly increases the speed at which someone can crack passwords... might remove ... distance A.I. might face between its current state and the “singularity”

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