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‘Pushing’ research evidence gets us only so far – Transforming Evidence

‘Pushing’ research evidence gets us only so far – Transforming Evidence

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the history and limitations of linear approaches to evidence use in the first of three articles on what we know about building effective relationships between government and research...

Evidence and Policy in 2010... argued there are three generations of thinking about how best to foster engagement... The first... is a linear perspective... focus on dissemination, on knowledge as a product that can be straightforwardly applied... a one-way exchange from people who produce research to those who use it.... plagued by ... Plato’s guardians ... experts acting as the protectors and counsellors of the public interest...successful communication ... emphasises... tailoring messages ... drawing on behavioural insights, and being aware of the messy processes and time sensitivity of politics...

Pull mechanisms... driven by demand from knowledge ‘users’... traditional ways that governments seek expert input... more recently... policy to commission research ... co-create research or develop briefs through consultation...

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