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I've been invited to write a chapter on an upcoming book on Personal Knowledge Graphs (PKGs), in which I intend exploring both the PKG I see at the heart of the MyHub thinking tool / content management system, and the Social Knowledge Graphs which will appear when these systems are interlinked across the Fediverse.

Everything I write specifically for this book will be tagged both #myhub and #pkgbook.

From the book's introduction:

"Knowledge graphs in all shapes and sizes are proliferating", empowering data scientists and adopted by enterprises which "realize that knowledge graphs are the best way to unify and integrate their heterogeneous data structures and models. A vibrant community is shaping... [with] Thought leaders ... endorsing initiatives and principles championed by the likes of the Data-centric Manifesto, the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) and the Data Collaboration Alliance".

Personal Knowledge Graphs are part of a "new generation of tools aiming to democratize access to knowledge management best practices and technology previously reserved for professional use ... Growing out of personal wikis and networked note-taking apps... regardless of how the information is stored, it is experienced as a graph"

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