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Opinion | Books May Be Dead in 2039, but Stories Live On

Opinion | Books May Be Dead in 2039, but Stories Live On

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An op-ed from the future... In the age of cheap and accessible virtual reality, most consumers prefer to experience their narratives rather than read them... Virtual reality has given us a post-literacy landscape more grimly banal than Bradbury could ever have imagined... Books may be dead, but the stories ... the narratives that delight and dismay and define us — are still very much alive...

The book survived... radio, film, television ... internet. It transitioned... from vellum ... to e-reader... until 2031, when the Verse arrived, and humanity discovered a new way to tell its stories... a $600 earbud ... any combination of sensory experiences directly into your cortex...killed or at least critically wounded every other media format...

stories existed long before 1439. Stories are shape-shifters, infinite and immortal... the book was nothing but a format... younger than theater but older than soap operas

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