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Intel Announces Aurora genAI, Generative AI Model With 1 Trillion Parameters

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The 2 Exaflops Aurora supercomputer is a beast of a machine and the system will be used to power the Aurora genAI AI model. Announced at today's ISC23 keynote, the Aurora genAI model is going to be trained on General text, Scientific texts, Scientific data, and codes related to the domain. This is going to be a purely science-focused generative AI model with potential applications being:

  • Systems Biology
  • Cancer Research
  • Climate Science
  • Cosmology
  • Polymer Chemistry and Materials
  • Science

The foundations of the Intel Aurora genAI model are Megatron and DeepSpeed. Most importantly, the target size for the new model is 1 trillion parameters. Meanwhile, the target size for the free & public versions of ChatGPT is just 175 million in comparison. That's a 5.7x increase in number of the parameters.

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