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How to create a Map of Content (MOC) using Dataview in Obsidian

How to create a Map of Content (MOC) using Dataview in Obsidian

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How to create a Map of Content (MOC) using dataview, "effectively collating all the notes relating to a particular subject or theme in a singular higher level note."

  • new note template: include
    up:: (add link to MoC here) - needed?
    tags:: other tags
    created:: {{date}}

    # {{title}}

    " Obsidian inserts the date and title automatically when you apply the template to a fresh note."
  • This dataview code "will display all articles linked to the "MOC Articles" MoC and with a tag of #article (or any sub tag of #article)"
    TABLE without ID as "Note Title", file.mday as "Last Modified"
    FROM [[MOC Articles]] AND #article
    SORT asc

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