How LLMs help speech therapy - or not

How LLMs help speech therapy - or not

Voices from the past can help us step into conversations we've left go stale and shake up our thinking a bit. My history with speech therapists goes back a long way and now, immersed in all things LLM, I see a new curiosity rising in me about how therapists (I have been a health professional for what seems like eternity) are using LLMs in their day to day work. My speech therapy friend reminded me that spoken language and written language are different and the implications of that will take a long time for me to process, yet the challenge to language across humans and humanity might be shorter term. The small example of how speech therapists use ChatGPT at first seemed innocent enough. Using ChatGPT to set up sentences to practice with. I wondered whether she'd considered where this simple example might lead her clients, many of whom are young and yet to step into using language successfully in their lives. Using sentences created in this way does call on the ability of the therapist to create strong and effective prompts, yet might there be hidden patterns turning up in the way grammar is used? Or the content in adjectives? Or a whole host of other subtle cues for her client?

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