Leaving Chongqing in the beginning of the pandemic for what started as a short vacation seemed like the right decision at the time. Here, now, going into to December, looking at the other side I see how my singular choice created so many new opportunities for me and changed my perception of my old life on the continent.

From 2009 to 2012 I flew back and forth between home and the life I learned about watching Romain Duris films, listening to every French hip hop album I could find; I discovered Mademoiselle K, [the guy with the barge], Sims, MC Solarr, my favorite movies - Paris, Moliere, L'arancouer. I watched my favorite movies in Se7en, the Fifth Element whatever I could find, buy or rent with French subtitles and audio. That obsession was driven to be not just good but great. After spending the next 7 years in China, each year the prospect of going back dissapearing in false opportunities it seemed like it may not be destined for me to return.

So, its January 26th, the world doesn't seem to be aware of the Covid spread - I felt it in November - and I seeing daily that apartment complexes ae being quarantined and closed, no one in or out for min 15 days, after a positive test is confirmed. I made a choice, along with my brother, to leave. First option, my favorite place in Asia so far, Seoul. - - -

Once my brother decided to leave, I had a few choices to make, go back to China or head home at the top of the list. The other was a bit riskier but offered an opportunity for something more fruitful, a flight back to brussels. From the moment I touched down I knew. I knew it was a blessing to be back and that I should be grateful for whatever came my way.

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