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ChatGPT: The 8 Prompting Techniques You Need to Learn (No BS!)

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"Here are the most important techniques you need for prompting:...

  • Assign a role ... “You are an expert in X... You must always ask questions before you answer so you can better understand what the questioner is seeking"
  • use CoT (Chain of Thought): give the LLM an example of your reasoning and then get it to repeat the reasoning - eg give it a Question and and Answer, with the Answer explaining how it is calculated, and then give it another Question following a similar structure.
  • Zero-shot-CoT, where in Zero-shot means there's no "additional training within the prompt", by ending the promt with "Let's think step by step"
  • Few-shot (and few-shot-CoT), where you include "a few examples in the prompt for it to more quickly adapt to new examples
  • Use Few-shot to generate knowledge, and then ask questions about it (a "knowledge augmented’ question")
  • Least to Most (LtM): "break problem down into subproblems"

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