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Calls to action are important, but know when to shut up!

Calls to action are important, but know when to shut up!

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Speak to any salesman about the art of selling and he will tell you timing is everything. Push a customer to buy too early and you will drive them away, wait too long and the moment will have past. We face a similar dilemma as web professionals....

Take for example those annoying popups... Do you like this app? Then rate it... Asking a user to subscribe to a newsletter or follow on a social network...

Users rarely come to a website to do these things...Instead of expending all your energy shouting at them at the first opportunity, maybe put some effort into giving them good reasons to come back.... pick our moment... ask me to rate your app when I am between tasks... allow users time to look at your content and decide if its interesting before mentioning your newsletter....

even more crucial when it comes to those secondary actions... Don’t prevent me from buying on your ecommerce site with a secondary call to action... the best way to increase conversion is to wait until the user has completed their own agenda before introducing yours.

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