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One of the scribes from the Betaworx Render TfT conference (context): "The discussion of AI/ML/semantic-woo was one trigger for me adding some notes about the manual process of Digital Gardening... some folks are tweeting with hashtag ToolsforThinking."

Like anyone's notes, these are hard for someone else to follow, although they do help identify which session I'm going to annotate next, and there are loads of good links:

Interesting snippets:

  • from the Readwise chat: "tried turning every paragraph into block ... "too soupy", need more structure". My current myhub specs bows to the inevitable and mentions addressable blocks within notes, but I'm not 100% convinced that the features that rely on this pass my own personal 80/20 law.
  • "Is a given tool a tool for Thinking, or for Memory, or what??" How about writing? I think the act of writing - not just notes for yourself, but full narratives other people can pick up and read - embeds the knowledge in your own mind well enough. And behind every polished piece lies a trail of notes, in case you need them.
  • I have credibility APIs in my myhub specs too, but I'm now renaming it " BullShit detection"

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