Ad experts slam 2014 election campaign

Ad experts slam 2014 election campaign

Andy Carling brought in George Parker “one of the original Madison Avenue advertising legends, immortalised in … Mad Men … and some other ad and brand experts from the commercial world” to take a look at the  ‘Act. React. Impact.’ video, and assorted publicity material.

The results are it’s pretty damning. Some choice cuts:

”this travesty is supposed to energize the public … to actually go out and vote for something most of them regard as a giant **, … a collection of splendid images that have no relationship to each other, let alone the poor ****ers forced to watch it,”
“I have no idea what it wants me to do after sitting through it” … “I don’t get it. What’s this ad about? … There’s zero information in there, just a bunch of nice but random pictures._”

And to the news that the campaign will spend 5million euros on social media?

“this is ridiculous … This is insane.”

Ouch! What do you think? Is the video any good? Is 5m for social media too much or barely enough?

The full article’s here:

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