Platforms, Creative Communities, and the Need for a Radical Reimagining - The Reboot
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Great piece on the implications for creators of the shift to algorithmically managed content platforms."Vine was an entirely new cultural platform ... Twitter had unwittingly enabled the creation of a true subculture... [but] didn’t know how to make money from it... in contrast... TikTok has prospered because it generally seems to understa…

Distributed news: Inside Fusion's social storytelling team | Media news
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The 12-person unit, called the social stories team, includes a variety of roles: writers, animators, graphics professionals, and producers, who create and package content for Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Snapchat Discover.

5 ways newsrooms used Vine in its first year | Media news
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Examples include using the app to cover breaking news, the annual Budget, share data snippets, new perspectives and take viewers behind-the-scenes

Vine as a social storytelling resource
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"journalists should see Vine as a resource for more social storytelling,... A key step for producing a good Vine is to think "video first", and build the story around the element that you want to visualise... "A good Vine is one that you want to keep watching ... It's not a story, it's not a tweet, it's a little tiny loop that should look good." …

Airbnb presents “Hollywood & Vines.” A first-of-its-kind short film made entirely out of six-second Vines submitted from all...

Airbnb presents “Hollywood & Vines.” A first-of-its-kind short film made entirely out of six-second Vines submitted from all over the world. (via Airbnb - Hollywood & Vines)

One-Second Video Apps?
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"But highly produced, artistic videos are not Vine’s mainstay. The essence of “The Now,” and the instant gratification of immediate share-ability is what users tend to explore in their videos, capturing raw, unedited, in-the-moment slices of life. The app has been used to record and share certain cultural moments as well, making Vine videos a tool…

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