Can no one save us from the open-plan office? – Financial Times – Medium
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The open-plan office continues to doggedly spread, despite study after study suggesting it makes employees more miserable, more ill, less friendly and less productive... if a company is determined to inflict this woe on its workers, it should observe some basic rules...:

My Biggest Takeaway on 37Signals’s New Book on Remote Work (Hint: It’s Not Technology) | The Art of Ass-Kicking
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"They went out and interviewed a bunch of companies that do remote work... useful tips for making the case for remote work ... - In today’s economy, the quest for talent is so great that organizations can no longer afford to merely look at individuals co-located in their physical presence ... - It is easier than ever to coordinate the work of ind…

The third way of office space is beyond open — Gigaom Research

"‘social desking’, where personal workspaces are geared to co-work as well as solitary work. This involves rethinking the office as a shared space, that should be organized around something other than optimizing square meters per employees. Ultimately, it has to be judged by productivity and worker engagement. And the tricky part is not space, but…

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